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We May Never Pass This Way Again - Katie

by Miracle Chasers on 06/20/19

          It seems to be the human condition that we tend to appreciate in retrospect: the summer breeze in the middle of winter, good health when illness comes calling, even the too familiar footsteps of a loved one coming through the door. We expect tomorrow to be the same as today, the status quo, nothing to get too excited about. Until it changes - a lost job, a death, even a nasty cold can flip the switch of appreciation for the good old days, which may only have been last week. I am no different than the next person in this respect.

          My mother once told me, "When there's ice cream on your plate, it's time to eat ice cream." About three years ago, I began to fill my plate with a triple scoop of chocolate chip (my favorite!) in the form of three grandsons, two of whom lived less than a mile away and filled nearly all of my mornings with a kind of warmth and belonging I could not have imagined. Their proximity to me was a gift I cherished and took advantage of whenever I could. They were my exception to the rule of appreciation in retrospect because I knew what I had, I knew it might be temporary and I appreciated (almost) every moment. A few weeks ago, they moved across the country. It made me realize that my seizing of the moment at the time made each one sparkle that much more.

          It's a scientific fact that the universe is expanding. I do think the more we can appreciate all the good moments that come our way, understanding that "we may never pass this way again," the more our own universe expands. We change the stars for ourselves and others in the same way the expanding universe must. When it comes to an end or changes in a way that breaks our heart, perhaps there is a little bigger cushion for the fall. In retrospect, I have no regrets, a foundation of love and joy to cherish that is so big it's not of this world. (Katie)

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