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The Miracle Chase
“Curl up with this wonderful book and enjoy the beauty, courage and 'spiritual reverie' these women have shared with the world."
Priscilla Warner,
co-author of The Faith Club
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“What would make three women set off in search of the Holy Grail? I hope you believe me when I tell you that it was a miracle — three miracles, to be exact.” So begins the quest of Joan Luise Hill, Katie Mahon, and Mary Beth Phillips, who turn a simple friendship into a spiritual odyssey when one of them faces sudden tragedy.
Meeting for coffee one morning, they discover that each has an extraordinary story to tell. Katie has been haunted by an escape from serial killer Ted Bundy. Meb’s six-month-old daughter has been shaken by a neighbor’s nanny and irreversibly blinded, but somehow survived and thrived. And, in the event that brought them together, they all witnessed Joan’s son survive a catastrophic illness. Were these experiences miracles? The three friends begin a quest to find out, and the Miracle Chase is on...

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Archived e-newsletters - 2011

February 14th (Joan)Where There is Great Love
March 17th (Meb) - There are Miracles in the Air
April 14th (Katie) - Renewal
May 19th (Joan) - Living Our Experience
June 13th (Katie) - Beginnings and Boldness
July14th (Meb) - Oceans of Love
​August 24th (Joan) - A Real Bargain
September 20th (KatieSpace In Between
October 19th (Joan) - Silver Linings
November 17th (Meb) - Everything is Grace
December 15th (Katie) - A Wise Women
Archived e-newsletters - 2012

January 24th (Meb) - Re-soul-tions
February 14th (Joan) - Follow Your Heart
March 20th (Katie) - Miracle Madness
April 21st (Meb) - Spring Forward
May 19th (Joan) - Birds of a Feather
June 14th (Katie) - Father Knows Best
July 19th (Meb) - Saving Grace
August 21st (Joan) - Over the Rainbow
September 20th (Katie) - Miracle Moments
October 24th (Meb) - Roman Holiday
November 21st (Joan) - Feast or Famine
December 18th (Katie) - Christmas Keeper
The Miracle Chase is a book narrating the journey of three women friends as they explore and discover faith, friendship and survival together.
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Archived e-newsletters - 2013

January 24th (Joan) -Is Anyone Listening?
February 27th (Meb) - The Power of Two
March 21st (Katie) - 'Ship of Friends
April 25th (Joan) - Running on Empty
May 27th (Meb) - On a Wing and a Prayer
June 20th (Katie) - Some Kind of Heaven
July 18th (Joan) - Wo-men of Steel
August 27th (Meb) - Lean on Me
Sept 26th (Joan) - Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign
October 24th (Meb) - Release
November 20th (Katie) - Giving Thanks: A Marathon Not  A Sprint
December 19th (Joan) - A Perfect Gift