NOWHERE IN THE MIRACLE CHASE IS THERE A MORE SUCCINCT REASON​ for why we three women decided to embark on a spiritual quest delving into our own miracles and the ones we discovered along the way.  Many readers have expressed a desire to experience what we created - a way to discover the meaning of their own miracles in a fun, engaging connection with friends.  It empowers all of us, so we decided to see if we could create a Miracle Club online, although to be fair we never called our meetings a Club.
Perhaps a better way of thinking about what we are presenting is an opportunity for you to become a Miracle Chaser by virtue of having an online group to meet with and express ideas, thoughts and feelings.  We’ll discuss books, things that inspire us and share stories.  There is no ‘in’ group or ‘out’ group.  Everyone can be a member!  We will weigh in from time to time, but since we know that miracles “must unfold in their own way and in their own time” we are going to see where this new journey takes us and trust that it will be somewhere good!
So, write your own stories, tell us stories you have heard from others or that you have read about. (Please be sure to cite whenever appropriate.)  Ask questions and tell us things you have discovered.  Send in your favorite quotes about Faith, Friendship and Survival.  Join with us as we continue the Chase!
How Do I Join In?
First, you have to go to the Miracle Club Online link; then, read what others have to say, and when you are ready, feel free to join in the conversation.
Congratulations.  You are now a Miracle Chaser!
How Do I Post? And What Happens Next?
When you send a post, it won’t be available right away because one of us will be monitoring the conversation - yes, we will censor any bad language or degrading posts.  One of us will make sure that your post will be uploaded to the site within 24 hours (but remember this may vary a bit as our locations span three time zones!)  Write as much or as little as you like.  Just like in our group meetings, there is no “right way” to go, no “right way” to talk about miracles.  And there is no “leader” - we all get to say what’s on our minds and hear what others think as well.

The guidelines are simple:  Be honest.  Be respectful.  Be open and collaborative.

We learned that to truly understand miracles, we have to try to hear the many expressions of them in our lives.  We look forward to hearing yours.

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