The Miracle Chase
“This book will transform the way you see your life."
Regina Brett,
author of God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours
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Chapter 1:  Telling Stories
Meb -
WHO KNOWS HOW MANY MIRACLES happen on any given day in this world of ours?  It is certainly something I think  about more, now that I have experienced one.  If trauma can ripple through the life of an individual, a family or a community - even through time - then so, too, can the effects of the miraculous.  Like throwing a rock into the middle of a quiet lake, energy ripples outward in ever-widening waves until lake meets land and the force of the wave washes onto the beach, dispersing its energy onto the shore.  With a miracle, the wave ripples outward, adding amplitude and force until it returns to the shores of the eternal.
Do you believe in miracles? When I was young, I didn’t give much thought to them, outside the stories of the Old and New Testaments or those on the holy cards we collected and traded like my brothers'baseball cards.  Today, I have an entirely different feeling about miracles, inspiring an entirely different view of God and, certainly, a different understanding of the meaning of my life.  I have come to believe that we have a duty to share our personal stories of miracles with others, allowing God’s intervention into our ordinary lives to ripple outward.
My family’s miracle begins in the midst of sudden shock, pain, and trauma...
About the Authors
"The Miracle Chase is an adventure story of three women, seeking the meaning of wondrous events of healing, rescue, and survival in their lives. As in every heroic quest, the chase discloses their hopes, fears, love, faith, and doubt in a way that draws them closer in friendship, strengthens their courage and compassion, and returns them with a renewed faith in divine presence and guidance. Their story inspires us to view the world as open to creative and unprecedented possibilities: a field in which each day we are invited to chase with joy the elusive but undeniable traces of miracles."
                                 -David Weddle, PhD
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The Miracle Chase is a book narrating the 10-year journey of three women friends as they explore and discover faith, friendship and survival together.
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