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The Miracle Chase
“Curl up with this wonderful book and enjoy the beauty, courage and 'spiritual reverie' these women have shared with the world.”
Priscilla Warner,
co-author of The Faith Club
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Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
  • In the beginning of the book, how do the three friends differ from one another in their thinking?  

  • Are their views colored by their own experiences?  

  • How do their opinions change over time?

  • Of the three authors, is there one that you particularly identify with?

  • How did the Miracle Chase enhance the developing friendship between the three authors? What qualities and characteristics did the authors need to cultivate in order to be able to continue their miracle search both on an individual level and as part of a team?

  • Were there historical facts or religious concepts in the book that surprised you?  Did you gain any insights about other religions?  How did the book make you feel about your own spiritual choices?

  • Eric Vormanns, the shaman and healer, refers to the “one true God.”  What does it mean to believe in the one true God?

  • The authors become intrigued by Augustine and his mother.  Are there circumstances today where the behavior of mothers like Monica – the ultimate helicopter parent – is acceptable?

  • When Katie’s husband experiences a medical crisis, she questions the role of prayer and faith. How do the personal crises the women face affect their Miracle Chase?

  • Joan gets spooked by the “Death by Miracle” theme first, and then all three become wary later on.  Is this just silly superstition, or something more?  Did it affect the Chase?

  • Meb prayed for a miracle to save her marriage.  Does praying for a miracle that never comes affect one’s belief in miracles?  What if the miracle you get isn’t the one you asked for?

  • Katie realizes that there is no complete answer to why she lived and others didn’t.  Joan finally believes that a miracle happened in her family and that divine intervention reaches into the ordinary.  Meb sees her daughter’s journey as a miracle in and of itself.  What other conclusions did the authors draw in the book?  How do you feel about these conclusions?

  • By the end of their Miracle Chase, the authors suggest that the most important aspect of miracles is their Ripple Effect.  How do you feel about the notion of miracles extending forward into time?

  • What is your favorite miracle story from the book?  Are there stories that you struggled to believe or understand?

  • Did the book encourage you to look at any of your own life experiences differently?  Have you ever met someone who has experienced a miracle?

  • Do you believe in miracles?
“We decided early on that we would have to check our egos at the door and agreed that the Miracle Chase was bigger than we were.  Words like connectedness, open and trusting, effort, energy and generosity of spirit had gone up on our flip chart at one of our early meetings.”
-Miracle Mixers
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Over the past year we have found that telling our stories empowers others to share their own miracle experiences thereby engaging the spiritual DNA inherent in all of us and forging a connection that continues our quest...
The Miracle Chase is a book narrating the 10-year journey of three women friends as they explore and discover faith, friendship and survival together.
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