The Miracle Chase
“If you’re seeking a sign to believe again, The Miracle Chase will open your eyes and heart to the wonder all around you.”
Regina Brett,
author of God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours
Welcome...and Happy Halloween          
We Miracle Chasers began our journey so many years ago, because we asked a simple question: Why Us? To find the answer we had to look beneath the surface of the miracle experiences that changed us; and we began to see the world in a different light. In this month's newsletter Katie reminds us that while things are not always as they first seem, as we unwrap the layers revealing what is hidden, there is joy to be found.

We have amassed so many stories of miracles through the connections we have made and would love to hear your stories as well. As always, thoughts on our newsletters, tweets and posts on the Miracle Club Blog are most welcome. You can also connect with us by joining our email list to receive The Miracle Chase monthly enewsletters.

     We continue to enjoy engaging audiences on spiritual connection and the history and mystery of miracles. Special thanks to Mysterious Ways for recently hosting Katie in a wonderful Facebook Live interview. Thank you to the many college and church communities for hosting lively events and discussions including the St. Gregory the Great community in San Diego, CA. We hope you will contact us about speaking with your organization, women's alumni group or book club. Facetime, Skype and webinar technologies make it easy. Visit our blog (the Miracle Club online), and please feel free to forward our monthly enewsletter to your friends. 

        Here's to  chasing - and finding - miracles with all you. We are truly grateful for each of you.
Joan, Katie and Meb       

Original music by Tess Dunn, a talented young performer
who has overcome her own challenges & inspires all of us.
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The Miracle Chase is a book narrating the 10-year miracle journey of three women friends as they explore and discover faith, friendship and survival together.
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